Real Estate Investment

Santral Real Estate Development identifies and evaluates real estate investment opportunities based on research and studies produced by well-documented local and international companies and through the extensive network of relationships it acquired all along its 30-year active presence in the real estate investment market.
Real estate investments in Turkey include land; commercial, industrial, and residential buildings; student housing facilities; malls; and government project.

Property Management

Santral Real Estate manages properties through processing of leases, issuing periodic reports about costs and marketing of properties in order to obtain the best prices. We also provide technical consulting, appointment and supervision of repair and maintenance works.

Real Estate Investment

Santral Real Estate is engaged in the sale and purchase of real estate and real estate investment operations aimed at land development, providing information and studies related to real estate development, also providing counseling services, research and studies from local and international offices, in addition to evaluating real estate, legal studies and other technical services related to investment.