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Ever since it was established, Santral International Group has endeavored to affirm its values ​​by observing the interests of its customers and working hard to provide them with the high-quality and professional service they need to achieve their goals and meet their clients’ expectations. We have been blessed with the satisfaction and trust that our customers granted us.
Our permanent presence in Turkey and the Middle East, in addition to the business relations we established have allowed us to get a closer look at the business environment, trade and investment, that still makes it possible for us to achieve more success and progressive growth. This engendered an even greater sense of responsibility and commitment on our part to develop trade and investment and build trust among the Arab world, Turkey and the entire world.
Thanks to the experience we have been harvesting for more than 30 years in the Arab and Turkish markets, Santral International Group was able to win the confidence of companies, investors, businessmen and investment and business opportunity seekers in Turkish markets.
From the start, our plan aimed at putting businessmen on the right track and helping them start with the right move in the Turkish market chessboard. Our vision is that we are aware that we are not the only ones in the market but our objective is to be the best, God willing.
We are proud we have been at the service of Arab traders, businessmen and investors over the past 30 years in the Turkish market and we look forward to the future with hope and optimism.
We expect our presence in the Arab markets to be even more imposing in the upcoming years and maintain the reputation that Santral Group enjoys as one of the oldest Arab business enterprises in Turkey.

ChairmanGazi Mısırlı

About us


  • Customer satisfaction and gaining our partners’ trust
  • Commitment to and engagement with the requirements of our customers and partners in order to satisfy them.
  • Maintaining paramount degrees of honesty, righteousness and optimal ethical standards in our dealings to achieve full confidence.
  • Assuring the highest possible quality of services through the use of advanced means and modern technologies in business deals.

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